b. 1989   

Behind Space is my latest series of paintings. Each painting repeats the same composition — a rectangle that echos the shape and proportion of the surface it is painted on. This composition relates to our body’s rectangular shape by mimicking architectural forms we interact with regularly. The colors derive from gradients found in the sky, from sunrise to sunset and moments between. These elements are intended to allow viewers to experience color and space in a way that is familiar and embedded in the memory of the collective consciousness.

My intent for these paintings is to create an accessible and familiar visual experience that is both physically and metaphysically engaging.


Solo Exhibitions

Paintings from Behind Space, B-Minus, Santa Ana, CA 2018

Framework, B-Minus, Santa Ana, CA 2017

Group Exhibitions

Color Vision, Huntington Beach Art Center, Hunting Beach, CA, 2018

Select, F+ Gallery, Santa Ana, CA 2018

Focus, SCAPE Gallery, Newport Beach, CA 2018

On the Ropes, In the Kisser, Coastline Community College Art Gallery, Newport Beach, CA 2018

Pop Up, Basement Projects, Santa Ana, CA 2017 Edge to Edge, F+ Gallery, Santa Ana, CA 2017